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Events – November Shop ‘Til You Drop

We have 6 Vendor Superstars speaking in November

Christine Johel
Inner Harmonious Peace
TOPIC: Using Kerplunk, We understand Affirmations Work

Christine developed into an intuitive healer blending traditional and modern healing arts resulting in her own unique homeopathic blend of intuitive healing services. Her abilities have been cultivated over the years from various training disciplines, natural gifts and experiences she has had on her journey of life that allows her to be of service to those she teaches and consults with.

Heather Elrick
International-Certified Image Professional and Author
TOPIC: 5 tips for a mini-makeover

Five tips on how to take advantage of the office “Powder Room” and create a mini makeover for an after work, preholiday celebration!
It’s safe to say that with over 25 years in the glamour industry Heather Elrick has a passion for fashion! Graduating with honors from the John Casablancas Fashion Arts program, and with Professional Image certification from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), Heather has dressed news
anchors, developed apparel programs for financial institutions and co-authored a book on the power of personal style.
Heather’s expertise (and heart!) is in showing women how build a wardrobe full of pieces that mix and match perfectly with one another so that none of her clientelle will never, ever need stand in front of her wardrobe again and say she has nothing to wear!

Julia Greene
Monat Associate & Market Builder
TOPIC: Hair Care Tips and Style Suggestions.

Julia Greene has a passion for Real Estate & Healthy hair!
She has found away to make them work together and create harmony. Truly if you like how your hair looks, you have a great day! A great day leads to positive mindset and skip to your step. You feel the power to succeed and confidence to get the job done.

June Krause
Partylite Unit Leader
TOPIC: Discover how to use decor for take home gifts and a guest gift game.

Bringing fragrance and decor to you, June will share some Holiday decor ideas with you. She will show how to use a larger item and build a display around it for your side table, coffee table or dining table centrepiece.
Utilizing different drapings and products that may already be in your home she will have you thinking outside the box as you plan your holiday decor.
Changing up some pieces will move the display that draws the attention of a child’s eye to one that is more for the adult event.

Lee Hall
Independent Epicure Consultant
TOPIC: Time saving tips for the upcoming busy season

Lee Hall is an Epicure Consultant who enjoys helping people with healthy and affordable meal solutions for busy schedules. Her goal is to inspire others to have healthy, quick and easy meals. With Epicure, a clean eating lifestyle never has to be compromised with not having good taste. Meals can be fast to prep, quick to make, and simple to savour. Lee helps you prepare delicious filling meals that the whole family will enjoy. Using real food, she shows you how to take your meals from raw to ready in under 25 minutes.

Kim Allen
Renovation Coach
TOPIC: How to Find Good Contractors

Kim Allen has had a lifelong passion for home construction and renovating that has led to her taking on all kinds of projects, ranging from cosmetic changes to lifting a house, and building a new one. Kim has over 10 years of hands on experience in house construction and renovations backed up by 30 years of culture & heritage preservation, property development and banking. Kim’s expertise is built on a foundation of an Honours degree in Architecture & Art History from Carleton University combined with management and design certificates from the Banff Centre and UBC. Even a Dry Stone walling certificate for fun!